[THEQOO] Sojang Allegedly Hired People to Leave Hate Comments About Jang Wonyoung Revealed on the News

“I'm looking for people to leave comments criticizing Jang Wonyoung's facial expressions on every YouTube video…
50 won for short comments, 100 won for long comments”
(3~7 cents)

“Sojang would hire part-time workers to leave hateful comments”

Example of a long comment: His expression is like those people having XXX at the club; Why would a girl like her do that? She's making those XXX expressions on purpose, damn… she's so toxic towards young people;

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Sojang allegedly hired people to leave hateful comments about Jang Wonyoung revealed in the news.

1. Wow… Did I really have to go that far…?

2. Why would anyone go that far? Sigh
And do people really want to make money this way? No matter what you do, it will always come back to you

3. 50 won 100 won ㅋㅋ I wouldn't even leave hate comments if you gave me 1 million won.

4. Wow, she's crazy, why would you do that? She needs to really evaluate her life to wake up.

5. Just reading “hire people for hate comments” is so weird. What do they mean? Why would you want to live like this?

6. What a f*cking pathetic life

7. Ajumma, why do you live like this?

8. Wow… Would anyone go that far to make money…?

9. Wow this is a crazy f*cker

10. This has to be a mental illness. First of all, she needs to receive a huge punishment, but first, she needs to go to the hospital.
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