Junho and Yoona still hope ‘King the Land’ to viewers

Article: Yoona and Junho continue to hold hands even after the order was ‘killed’ during their kiss

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+180] If you two are really dating, please just settle down and date well. There are many people who support it, and I am one of them. I can’t help but think you two look great.

[+81] Well, just because the director yells “cut” doesn’t mean their emotions can be cut off right there in the middle of the action.

[+65] ??? Yes, they are so immersed in their activities. I love them together ?

[+47] Yoona’s stomach folding in the final scene is so relatable ❤️
– [+4] Yes, I know she’s more beautiful after seeing it ㅎㅎ

[+6] Their event in Thailand was like a trip to the moon ㅠㅠ Please date, please date ?

[+2] Please hang out ? please hang out ? please hang out ?

[+1] I don’t think they would ever let the public know even if they are actually dating. Both of them are high-profile stars, and it will definitely affect their future stories, so they have to deny it for now.

[+1] These two are a match made in heaven ????

[+1] Maybe they usually go public after the story

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