Celebrities are shocked by Taeyeon's small face

article: Taeyeon's small face recognized by other stars, shocking comparison photo “You have to be this small to become a celebrity”

source: Sports Chosun, via Nate

[+109, -5] Now, even when shaved like a plastic doll, she had a very pretty face… but her upper face was turning, making her look closer to Gwanghee.

[+38, -2] My face is becoming more and more Jackson-like.

[+35, -3] He’s short too haha

[+32, -1] Comb porcelain face…..

[+27, -3] Aren’t you even in your 30s now? Why is the style like this?

[+9, -1] My body feels creepy… I don't feel feminine at all ㅡㅡ

[+8, -1] He was cute when he was young, but he pushed his chin so hard that he became very grumpy and ugly. And why is she still acting so childish even though she's almost in her 40s lol?

[+6, -1] Looks like Jo Kwon…

[+5, -1] I'm always wary when younger and prettier idols appear on 'Amazing Saturday' lol.

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