[PANN] Illit Wonhee's dance skills…

Even though she is the center, she is the only one who has trouble attracting New Jeans' attention, and her hip and leg movements seem heavy… She looks like she needs more dancing practice.

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Article: Illit Wonhee's dance skills…

One. [+37, -3]
What would you do if you were good at dancing? Haha. Do you expect that just because you can dance a version of the dance for a while, you will get completely used to it and dance perfectly? As long as your group dances well, haha. Looking at the Illit stage, it seems like all the girls dance pretty well.

2. [+17, -4]
After being kicked out on the streets, she came to Ireland to train for a week, but was a complete commoner who couldn't dance at all. When you see her dancing now, you can tell she really put a lot of effort into it.
three. [+18, -4]
It's not even her group's dance, but she's covering a variety show dance and taking pictures of trolls lol I admit that being a female idol is an extreme job.
4. [+13, -15]
So that person is not good at dancing.
5. [+10, -6]
During survival, there was a choreography where you had to sit on a chair, but wasn't there a choreography where you couldn't sit on that chair and that hurt the team?
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