Netflix has released the trailer for the new webtoon drama ‘Mask Girl’.

Video: Netflix ‘Mask Girl’ teaser

Source: Netflix via YouTube

[+384] Yeom Hye Ran is perfect for this role! The trailer looks like a light commercial but I hope they can harness the power of the webtoon ㅠ

[+149] I’m crazy with hope but also worried… I hope they don’t just pick and choose the tempting parts of the webtoon and make sure to understand the deeper issues the webtoon covers.

[+140] This is great, I hope the show is popular!!

[+89] The webtoon is so awesome, I can’t wait ? Hope it will be released soon ??

[+89] This will become a legend. A type of work that only Korea can help to shine.

[+57] As long as it’s as good as the webtoon ㅋㅋㅋ I can’t put the first episode down!!!

[+49] The release is fully integrated… I can’t wait… so much to watch this summer on Netflix. DP2 starts next week..

[+25] The webtoon is very, very notable. It shows in the women’s perspective and the danger of seeing and going online… it was way ahead of its time. I am very happy with the system so far.

[+19] My most anticipated drama after ‘The Glory’… It will mark the climax of Go Hyun Jung and Yeom Hye Ran.

[+13] This is the best webtoon of my life… I hope the webtoon sounds as good as the drama if it’s good, it’s really outstanding ㅠㅜ

[+4] I think the trailer did a good job of portraying the dark and sinister feel of the webtoon.

[+3] A very serious and serious webtoon, thought provoking… I want to see how they all play out.

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