Jang Wonyoung’s haters paying for hate comments!

1. This is just one more reason she is so popular.

2. It’s no surprise, I thought she always had horrible commenters who makes hateful comments. Stop it, people. At this pace, you’re going to endanger everyone.

3. If they are so jealous, the haters should become idols.

4. You must sue all haters and make them pay.

5. This is not how you should live. If you don’t like her, stop watching her content.

6. Since she was 15, I have been a fan of her and it breaks my heart. She is still a young girl at 19 years old. I pray she doesn’t see this.

7. This is how dangerous jealousy can be. My heart feels pain for her.

8. Is there anything better for the younger generation than this? It is a terrible waste of such an age. What a waste of time that could have been spent on yourself. You will get older quicker than you realize.

9. It makes me wonder what it must feel like to hate someone so much. Jang Wonyoung may have inherited her beauty and intelligence from her family. However, her haters seem to have inherited a bad brain from theirs. This is probably why they are all keyboard warriors on social media. I wish an app could show the faces of hate commenters. I would love to see the faces of hateful hearts.

10. You don’t have to hate her for being a baby.


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