Moon Ga-young steals attention with Milan Fashion Week look

article: Is this really Moon Ga-young? All eyes are on her 'lingerie look' at Milan Fashion Week

source: Via Sports Chosun Nate

[+96, -3] It seems so cheap… Why is everyone obsessed with exposing skin?

– [+27, -3] It's getting worse.

– [+27, -3] This definitely crossed the line lol

– [+24, -3] How is this different from just appearing naked?

[+49, -1] Why is it attracting so much attention? Why are you trying to get away with just this?

[+35, -0] Hahahahahahahahahahaha what is this hahaha what was he thinking was okay? lol

[+34, -3] I read somewhere that when female celebrities start showing more skin, it's a sign that they're ready for sponsorship.

[+17, -0] I mean, yeah, I think all eyes would be on her if she just wore underwear.

[+5, -0] I have an innocent and slim style, so this type of appearance definitely does not suit me ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

[+5, -0] It used to be okay, but now what is this cheap outfit?

[+3, -0] Why is this person putting our country in so much trouble? What is that person wearing? ㅡㅡ

[+2, -0] That person is suffering outside…

[+2, -0] What can you say if you chose this outfit… but I admit that the luxurious image has now become vulgar…

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