[PANN] Umji just became legendary again


She even became more talented… Seriously, she’s legendary.
She’s living her glory days lately, she’s crazy.
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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Umji just became legendary again
1. [+20, -1]
Viviz’s company is really fucking good at hair, makeup and their stylist.
2. [+16, -26]
Umji didn’t look like she had surgery, so how did she become so pretty? Is it because she lost the fat from her cheeks?
3. [+14, -9]
She looks incredibly pretty in that photo, but in reality she doesn’t look like that.
4. [+13, -2]
In my opinion, Umji looks better with black hair.
5. [+11, -4]
The Viviz are all legendary lately.
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