Tempest Hwarang acknowledged its club activities and apologized.

article: Idol member admits club activities… “We are deeply reflecting and will take measures to prevent recurrence.”

source: OSEN via Nate

[+76, -6] How tiring… He's an adult and he's not even allowed to go to the club. It's not like he hangs out with girls. I'm so tired of the idol fandom culture that treats idols like possessions. I don't think we've ever dated;;

– [+5, -1] So, I think the agency knew that the public would sympathize with it and responded with a kind of message telling fans to back off haha.

– [+4, -1] This actually looks like a media play to me. It's like giving him headlines over nothing. Why would his agency apologize for this?

[+36, -3] Going to a club is not a crime

[+20, -0] who are you..?

[+9, -3] The MZ generation should act like the older generation and be more flexible.

[+2, -0] He's not famous, and I don't even know who he is.

[+1, -0] There is no problem with nameless idols going to clubs. It was only during the Corona era that celebrities were caught going to clubs without social distancing.

[+1, -0] I'm not a minor, I'm an adult, so what's wrong with going to a club?

[+0, -0] From the title, I thought it was a minor. What is the problem here? Should he be criticized for going to the club?

[+0, -0] To be fair, if you want to club and do everything everyone else does, you shouldn't be a celebrity. Some things are forbidden, otherwise why would you be famous?

[+0, -0] Please make the idols happy!!! This is why first-generation idols cause scandals as they get older.

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