[PANN] Hul Giselle acts as a luxury brand ambassador

Espa Giselle selected as ‘Official Loewe Ambassador’

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Article: Hul Giselle becomes luxury brand ambassador.

One. [+23, -2]
But it goes really well with the brand haha. It was a good choice.

2. [+22, -28]
It seems like each brand's PR team is going crazy these days.

three. [+21, -1]
Congratulations Giselle!

4. [+20, -1]
Giselle has been looking really pretty lately. Her eyes are round and she looks innocent even with light makeup. The video is good.
5. [+16, -1]
Trolley Gumi (T/N: o 'Earth Jelly'/ji-gu je-li/ first letter is 'Giselle') Congratulations, congratulations. I agree with her.
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