[INSTIZ] Why does Son Na-eun seem to have changed?

His facial features seem to have changed.

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Why does something about Son Na-eun seem to have changed?

1. Is it because of excessive lips?
2. Every time I see a new picture of her, she looks different.
3. I thought it was another actor…
4. In the first photo, it looks like there is a stye on the eye.
5. That person looks different every time I see him…
6. Was the filter originally this long?

7. Why does your mouth resemble BoA’s from the drama ‘Marry My Husband’…? Did you get braces?

8. But does it feel like the photo was taken at a strange angle on purpose? If you look at the first photo posted on Instagram, the atmosphere is not different at all (T/N: Photo for reference)

9. She looks like a completely different person. She wouldn't even know it was him unless she wrote it down.
10. Did you get braces? Why is the shape of the mouth so strange?
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