[PANN] Baemon's asa is really unique

He has a goat-like face and goat-like skills.
She's going to explode in the future.

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Article: Baemon's death is very unique.
One. [+25, -0]
No, but when I listened to his song and heard his voice, I thought, 'Huh? That's good?' And I realized that all of those parts were Asa's. He's Japanese, but his rap was so good, and his voice, pronunciation, and tone were so good that I was surprised. I wish Baemon could leave all the rap parts to Asa.
2. [+18, -0]
When I look at Asa's face, I think of JYP's style, but behind it is a powerful rap.
three. [+15, -1]
Asa is my favorite person. She is pretty and talented.

4. [+13, -0]
She gives me Sana's vibes.

5. [+10, -0]
She will be a great success.
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