Freezia confesses to wearing copies and composes transcribed conciliatory sentiment

[+3,693, – 822] She continues to attempt to pass on this picture of being a Jennie carbon copy yet she simply looks like Hong Hyun Hee

[+1,298, – 22] Influencers are continually selling tricks and copies while they utilize that cash to purchase the legitimate variants at the retail chains while riding business class. Purchase nothing forces to be reckoned with an attempt to sell you, you trick.

[+1,198, – 104] That’s very daring of her to go on TV wearing copies. Is it safe to say that she is truly even a brilliant spoon??

[+385, – 15] I generally accepted she was only some typical individual who moved on from a customary dance school however I discovered that she’s really under an administration organization and her Triage loft is a month-to-month rental… loads of stuff she stows away…

[+272, – 12] One thing’s without a doubt, regardless of she wears pushing ahead, individuals will forever address whether it’s genuine or phony. I don’t have the foggiest idea for what reason she’d delve herself into a grave like this…

[+216, – 4] That’s an incredible mind to go on TV wearing reproductions

[+181, – 5] Wow, she was wearing brand names from head to toe and they were all phony? I’m so humiliated for her ㅎㅎㅎ

[+209, – 34] I question it’s simply the garments, her face and chest are presumably phony as well

[+116, – 1] I think individuals are detesting more since she attempted to make herself up to be a brilliant spoon. Individuals wouldn’t have minded on the off chance that she was only fair about being an ordinary understudy living alone in a studio.

[+112, – 2] This discussion would’ve never occurred assuming she just wore ordinary brands… However, she needed to stand apart with brand-name clothing. She should have low confidence.

Source: Chosun through Naver

[+1,450, – 27] It’s wrong to say “so consider the possibility that she wore fakes”! Then, at that point, that contention can be utilized right back at us at whatever point China duplicates our assortments and shows. Indeed, even our hanboks! For what reason do you think copyrights exist? To ensure the first craftsman. Wearing reproductions is taking another person’s work.

[+1,144, – 10] She truly wore reproductions on Netflix ㅋㅋ talk about humiliating our country

[+748, – 38] She presumably felt it was a misuse of cash to purchase the true… yet at the same time needed to wear brand names around… try not to individuals feel humiliated wearing fakes?

[+290, – 2] This is a piece humiliating. The show positioned very high on Netflix. How is she going to treat those brands to sue her? Shouldn’t she have known not to wear these on a show that will be observed universally? Is it true or not that she is a style YouTuber? Louis Vuitton has a history of suing even a little chicken café… what makes her figure they could come after her, particularly with the popularity this Netflix show has gotten?

[+271, – 3] She’s either truly tough or truly dumb to go on TV wearing imitations

[+258, – 12] She’s excessively fixated on flaunting. Different members on the show looked regular and pretty without wearing brand names. She was the just one decked out in Prada, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton~ so would they say they were all reproductions or a blend of both? Rather than attempting to prevail upon individuals with her make-up and mark name garments, she should chip away at her regular atmosphere. Her chest is done too.

[+165, – 7] It’s to a greater degree a mood killer to me that she attempted to get popular by replicating Jennie’s picture

[+121, – 19] Do men have to settle for the easiest option of late for sure? What is she skilled ready? How do treats know how to do? Her visuals look so modest to me… does she at any point have a decent head on her shoulders? Why are individuals like her even in this famous? I don’t get it?….

[+84, – 0] This is so humiliating ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ a powerhouse discovered wearing fakes

[+82, – 4] All of that thick makeup, decking herself in brand names… appears to be a psychological sickness. She’s deficient with regards to something and attempting to make up for a shortcoming by standing out along these lines. She’s the sort who can’t stand it when others don’t feel envious of her.

[+948, – 12] Who is this, and for what reason is she in the news to such an extent

[+551, – 98] Her face itself is phony

[+317, – 8] certain individuals can make reproductions look genuine and other people who make authentics look phony… However, it is very appalling that she had the nerve to wear fakes on a well-known TV show.

[+295, – 1] The guts to wear fakes on a TV show… she’s not ordinary, is she

[+214, – 5] She should deal with making a rich internal identity than dressing herself in extravagance brands

[+161, – 2] To every one of you behaving like this is anything but nothing to joke about, assuming any of these brands choose to sue Netflix, they should erase every one of the scenes that she’s wearing imitations in, or even bring the entire standoff. It’s fine assuming she wears reproductions in her own life however you shouldn’t do that on a public stage like this.

[+129, – 4] She must’ve felt that individuals would accept they were genuine assuming she wore them

[+60, – 3] Just learning about this causes me to feel so humiliated for her. I question she has anything credible assuming that she was gotten for such insignificant copies like this.

[+54, – 1] She’s additionally a liar who claims she just found a nose line of work

[+54, – 1] It’s generally the Instagram chicks purchasing up whatever they sell who is the issue

[+2,600] I’m somebody who has been watching her since the start of her channel and I understood that the greater prevalence and impact she got, the more alarming she appeared. It ended up being unmistakable to me that she wasn’t only some normal individual who developed her channel completely all alone yet exceptionally certain that an organization with a huge amount of cash and power was supporting her from behind. Everything was ordinary at the outset with her video blogs yet since the time she moved into the Triage, she began getting TV bargains and surprisingly as of late Single’s Inferno, which then, at that point, stretched into a wide range of media spotlight. This is all popular promotion however individuals are getting bulldozed with such ease. She’s under an organization called Hyowon C&C which is subsidized by Chinese cash. All of this has caused me to acknowledge exactly the way that simple it is for general society to be influenced by viral promotion. You can put somebody on the map immediately. Also, notice that every one of the records that Freezia regrams from are apparition accounts? There is no such thing as her ubiquity. Every last bit of her fans have barely any clue to pause and think and are simply being cleared up by her viral showcasing and succumbing to her brilliant spoon picture. My tl;dr is this: Freezia is a big name under a Chinese organization called Hyowon C&C and every one of you has succumbed to a viral showcasing effort subsidized by Chinese speculations. Awaken.

[+784] At this point, what might be said about her is even genuine…

[+697] Freezia began acquiring ubiquity when she moved into the Triage. She began oozing this rich, upscale picture, wearing just extravagance marks and got popular for her cool young lady, exceptionally certain and rich picture. I genuinely think her organization got her the Trimage condo to start making this picture for her.

[+513] I don’t have the foggiest idea how you could have the balls to wear copies on TV

[+210] I’m amazed she possesses such countless reproductions in any case.

[+805] I generally thought it was bizarre the way that she professed to have experienced childhood in a wealthy family yet she was generally so fixated on logos and brand names ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I surmise my questions were correct

[+160] I enjoyed her general energy and feel yet… I’m astounded at this point. She’s certainly tidying up her remarks on her YouTube channel at present, ㅋㅋ

[+378] Would be amazing assuming she simply professed to inhabit her Triage place for the end goal of shooting ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+345] This is more daebak than I suspected… that numerous imitations? Does she own anything valid;

[+753] I generally expected her Dior top was phony since there are such large numbers of them around yet even her Chanel sew? Chanel scarf? Fendi matching set? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Source: The Joongang via Naver

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