[PANN] How did Chaeyoung do this?

your face makes me scream

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Article: How did Chaeyoung do this?

One. [+71, -2]
I'm not a fan, but every time I see it, I get the feeling that people just think that person's appearance goes through ups and downs due to colors and styles that don't suit them, but it's as if their face has never changed.

2, [+41, -2]
She hasn't experienced any ups and downs since her debut and has always been pretty, but I think she's seeing the light now.

three. [+24, -1]
Honestly, she is the #1 TWICE visual in my heart. She was always pretty, but strangely enough, it was shocking that Chaeyoung's visuals weren't mentioned much compared to TWICE's popularity.

4. [+23, -1]
“How did he do that?” She was always pretty…hahahahahaha

5. [+14, -1]
She really is one kind of beauty. The face shape, eyes, nose, and lips are all the same as on the 16th.
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