[THEQOO] IVE Jang Wonyoung wins lawsuit against Youtuber Sojang for 100 million won in damages

Group IVE's Jang Wonyoung and her agency Starship Entertainment won the lawsuit against YouTuber Sojang for damages she created.

On the 21st of last month, the 210th Civil Division of the Seoul Central District Court (Presiding Judge Park Ji-won) ruled in favor of some of the plaintiffs in the suit for damages of 100 million won (74.5 thousand dollars) filed by Jang Wonyoung and Starship Entertainment against Park (Sojang).

The court ordered that 100 million won, calculated at an annual interest rate of 12%, be paid until the day of full repayment. Park must pay not only the interest but also the legal costs incurred during the process.

Jang Wonyoung filed a lawsuit for damages in October last year. Jang Wonyoung's lawyer presented evidence that the videos posted by Park on her YouTube channel were false, saying that all content uploaded to Sojang was consistently composed of false facts or insults at the level of insult to her personal character. The lawyer said: “This is clearly an illegal act and also constitutes criminal defamation and insult.”


In this civil suit and in the criminal case in which she was charged, Park claimed that she “did not know that the claims she made were false” and that she had a “right to know about the celebrities' (affairs).” […]

Jang Wonyoung's claim is that because of the videos (created by Sojang), not only Jang Wonyoung but also other celebrities who became victims suffered psychologically and their entertainment activities were also hindered. The lawyer emphasized that “Park seeks to generate profits from his videos and editing them, so the degree of illegality is much more serious.”

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Source: theqoo / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: IVE Jang Wonyoung wins lawsuit against Youtuber Sojang for 100 million won in damages.

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