Illit vs. baby monster showdown

article: Competition between Bang Si-hyuk Illit and Yang Hyun-seok Baby Monster..Who did the experts pick?

source: Hankook Ilbo via Naver

[+51, -0] There are so many similar groups that seem to have been kicked out of the same factory.

[+39, -5] Listen to Illit's live stage. In fact, their vocal skills are terrible, and many of their clips are ridiculed by overseas viewers.

[+15, -0] They all look the same… but something's a little strange.

[+21, -7] If you listen to the MR removal video, Baby Monster is the clear winner. Illit needs to practice singing more. They can't sing live.

[+11, -2] How can we compare? Baby Monster's live is no joke and ILLIT's live is hopeless and tone deaf.

[+10, -1] So were those people chosen based solely on their faces? Because I was embarrassed to watch their performance

[+8, -1] Can I stop training as a dancer and start training as a real singer?

[+7, -0] It feels like Illit is limited to Korea, while Baby Monster feels like it will go global.

[+8, -2] Baby Monster will do well overseas, and Illit will never be able to go abroad because he can't sing, and that's it.

[+7, -2] Illit has better visuals, but he can't sing.

[+5, -2] Baby Monster definitely has more weight in the talent category because of Ahyeon… but the song is terrible. YG is no longer on top of trends.. If they had just focused on releasing a really good single album in the beginning and started promoting it a year ago, they would be in a good position now. It's difficult against opponents like IVE or Le Sserafim.

[+3, -0] I got goosebumps when I heard Baby Monster live. Even though I'm an emo fan, I instantly became a fan. They are one of the best in terms of talent right now!

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