Rain to make a lawful move against evil rumors calling him a ‘miser’

1. [+909, – 85] Excessive to sue individuals over calling you a “miser”, no? You’re the top star, all things considered.

2. [+565, – 89] On second thought, I’ve never heard insight about the Rain couple giving to any causes. There should be a motivation behind why he’s known as a tightwad around his youngsters, no?

3. [+369, – 19] Bits of hearsay don’t begin from anywhere… yet, it’s amusing to me that he’s suing individuals over something as unimportant as being known as a tightwad ㅋ

4. [+276, – 10] Pause, he’s getting this frantic over being known as a miser?

5. [+142, – 22] Still off-base of individuals to anticipate that he should pay for them in any case… go make your own cash, you poors

6. [+108, – 2] It’s irritating to be known as a scrooge however it’s a little disapproved of him to sue them back over it

7. [+63, – 2] I would rather avoid how he’s dealing with this. There’s no smoke without fire. It’d be better for him to simply appear through activities that he’s not a penny pincher. Suing the bits of hearsay is simply humiliating.

8. [+61, – 3] Many individuals realize that he never gives to noble cause or partakes in great deeds~ ㅋ

9. [+58, – 1] At any point notice how assuming that you call a thin individual a pig, they couldn’t care less… in any case, if you call a chunky individual a pig, they become distraught?

10. [+55, – 1] I mean.. is being known as a penny pincher something to sue individuals over? All things considered, he could’ve reworked the story just like a decent saver, diligent employee… Everybody realizes he’s carried on with a hard life so nobody would mind if he decided to save as opposed to being spendy. All things considered, he’s deciding to sue without excuse?

Source: Naver

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