[PANN] How is Jang Wonyoung’s skin?

It is white and has no pores. Even though I was born with this and take care of my skin, I barely get any sleep due to my schedule, my sleep time is irregular, and my diet is quite strict. So how can his skin look like a peeled egg…? Even if you have pretty good skin, if you lose a little weight, your skin will turn black like a corpse, and if you don't sleep well, no matter how much moisturizer you apply, your foundation will look really bad. I get a lot of acne when I'm stressed… It's amazing that Wonyoung Jang's skin is always moist and transparent. Her skin has never looked bad and looks like glass pearls. I wonder if you could be born like that too. Do you still have skin like that even if you don't sleep well or eat well? Or is it because you get the best makeup from the best makeup artist? Ah, I’m so fucking jealous of that person’s skin.

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Article: Wonyoung Jang How is your skin?

One. [+81, -10]
She is not the kind of girl who pushes herself hungrily and intensely. She was just born that way. That's the skin she normally has based on her weight… Please, let's just accept it as is.

2. [+54, -3]
She was almost born with it.

three. [+41, -3]
She too would be receiving treatment, but the most important thing is that she was born with it.

4. [+34, -4]
You will probably receive as much treatment as possible to make up for the lack of sleep… and often appropriate toning treatment as well. But most of all, she was born with it.

5. [+30, -5]
Of course she takes good care of herself.

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