ENHYPEN Japanese member Nikki was embroiled in controversy after revealing her image to her fans. "jealous" She takes vacation on March 1st.

article: ENHYPEN Japanese member Nikki, controversial for saying “I'm jealous” to a fan after work on March 1st and Independence Movement Day

source: MK Sports via Nate

[+41, -1] If you're going to select foreign members, take a history lesson before debut – or just stick to all Korean groups.

[+31, -1] He really said, “We don’t rest on the weekends.” Oh, right? Don't you guys have a day off that day? Haha, I'm taking the day off because of your country^^ Don't you envy that? Sigh tsk tsk

[+24, -1] I never thought I would hear something like this from a Japanese person in my life

– [+5, -1] If you don't know your history, sometimes it's best to keep quiet and not draw attention to yourself.

[+9, -1] This basic concept is lacking. Study our history before working here.

– [+1, -1] This group has quite a scandalous history. Overall, it seems really ignorant.

[+4, -1] This controversy can be resolved if you pass the Korean history certification exam.

[+1, -0] This group certainly seems to say a lot of the wrong things. Another member was involved in a controversy over college entrance exam issues, another member called Korean history a 'short story'… and another member pointed a finger at his staff, tsk tsk. Give them a history lesson, Hive.

[+1, -2] After all, he is a foreigner. What does he know about Independence Movement Day?

[+0, -0] But what does that mean? Are they jealous of our time off, or is there some other intention behind those words?

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