[INSTIZ] Red Velvet Joy seems to have a lot to say about her agency.

– No, but I'm curious too.
– Hahahahahahahaha

– If you search ‘Stars making a comeback in June!’, several groups will appear, right?
-In the meantime, other groups will appear in our company.
– Why don't you know us…?
– How long will it remain a secret? Or did you forget to tell people? Or can't you? Or will it be released next week?
-I’m curious too.

Fan comment: No, forget about everything else, this is our 10th anniversary comeback. […]
Joy: I also implicitly agree… haha
Fan Comment: Princess – Yes, you put everything into the bubble, so if there's a problem, there will be an article, right? […]
Joey: You know????

Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Red Velvet's Joy, who seems to have a lot to say about her agency.

1. Will you come back in June?
2. Sigh… How shocking can it really be? And this year is the 10th anniversary, so please do something…
3. Wow…

4. Seriously, Center 3's programming and marketing team is the worst.
5. Wow, I’m so upset. It’s been 10 years now.
6. Looking at the plans of various centers, Center 3 is the emptyest and most ambiguous place in existence… What are they doing?
7. I'm a fan of another group, but I didn't even know it was their 10th anniversary. They actually don't advertise this at all. They need to talk loudly about this.
8. Who is in Center 3?

> RV, none other than TVXQ…ㅠ
9. How can you treat your RV like this?
10. Wow, it’s the 10th anniversary this year.
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