[PANN] How did they find Baemon? "Stuck In The Middle"?

I'm not sure if they're going for the Disney vibe, but did they choose a pretty spacey and dreamy MV?
But it was an English song so… I'm not sure if it will work in Korea.
Should we see it as a pre-debut song? I guess we'll have to wait for his actual debut.

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Article: How Did They Find Baemon “Stuck In The Middle”?

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They labeled it as a pre-single (pre-release song) from the beginning. Ahyeon will be joining them for their mini album on April 1, making it her official debut.

2. [+27, -2]
Rora is so fucking pretty.

3. [+23, -2]
she is my style

4. [+23, 0]
I thought I would be disappointed because it's not hip hop, but I just listened to it and liked it. It's my style. To be honest, all members have nice voice colors.

5. [+19, -1]
Rora is pretty
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