The internet is flooded with memories of TOP’s previous announcement about the possibility of comeback

Big Bang TOP’s earlier remarks about “never working in Korea again” came to light following news of the Big Bang TOP‘s return.

1. Yeah, don’t

2. Help a stranger escape the ocean and he’ll be your adversary

3. If his return does happen with a new rap, his raps are worth listening to.

4. I’m not interested in his character.

5. Leave this for GD, Taeyang, and Daesung

6. Yes, don’t ever come back

7. This statement was made an answer to fans’ questions whether he would ever be able to return to the stage, and he told them that it was likely to take a lot of effort to. What’s the problem with this? There are always third parties that cause the controversies. He also did a lot of contemplation. He finished each of his civic service , but nobody was watching that program.

8. Yeah, go and don’t come back

9. Don’t care

10. Does it make sense to include TOP being included as part of the return?


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