[PANN] Have you seen the prophecy about Han So-hee on YouTube?

This comment is from 3 months ago. It's fake, right?
I really wish it was fake
She sues them all. this is really bad
– (Comment from 3 months ago) Haha, I cheated on him in July and fixed it in November.

>How did you know she cheated in July?
> (Comment 1 day ago) Wow…really??????????????? Dating rumors about the two just came out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
>How do you know?
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Article: Have you ever seen the prophecy about Han So-hee on YouTube?

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I don't think the person edited the comment because when you edit a comment on YouTube, it's marked as edited.
2. [+58, -25]
Just leave those comments aside. Similar content can be found in other celebrities' video comments. Comments are often written without much thought, but they are sometimes interpreted as meaningful, especially after dating rumors break out.
three. [+51, -9]
It is said that whenever a celebrity is caught up in some scandal, people always bring up old prophecy videos and tell them someone's fate very well.
4. [+48, -13]
But how can a third party know the complicated relationship, such as when you started dating and when you broke up?… Even your family may not know everything haha. They are just trolling people. Treat their opinions as sacred truth. This isn't something that happens once or TWICE.
5. [+44, -3]
People always bring up the old troll and make a fuss about how he predicted the future. She also brought up an old comment predicting this about female idols before.
6. [+37, -1]
Is there anyone who can know another person's fate with such accuracy?
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