The return of STAYC’s teaser clothes receives mixed feedback by people

The clothes are beautiful compared to “they’re not.”

1. I’m not sure if the clothes are attractive and not. But the clothes are nice.

2. I’m not certain about their attire however I’m looking forward to seeing it! Personally, I really enjoy “So Bad” and really hope they return with the same enthusiasm.

3. Was the fate of Isa’s sneakers?

4. Personally, I believe that those clothes are very flattering.

5. I’m thinking this is a magazine image It’s not a teaser picture!

6. They look like children wearing the clothes of their mothers.

7. All of them are pretty however their clothes are bizarre.

8. Why couldn’t they alter the hairstyle of these gorgeous girls? I’d like to see pretty women with different hairstyles

9. I’m not sure… However, I’m sure it’ll work with the music and stage

10. I believe there were lots of girl group ideas like this between 2008 and 2010.


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