[PANN] What is Dispatch’s relationship with Han Sohee?

For reference, Dispatch is the fashion pictorial version of Dispatch.

Dispatch was caught sending a coffee truck to Han So-hee, and the person was a reporter writing an article about the Korean Wave for Dispatch.
In 2021, we sent a coffee truck to Han So-hee for the filming of ‘My Name’. The photo was taken by Dispatch, and the article was written by reporter Lee Jun-ho. Same as the person who wrote the Hawaii article.
(The cafe posted a message thanking Dispatch for contacting Sohee Han to send a coffee truck)
(The photoshoot article and the Hawaii article were all written by writer Lee Jun-ho.)
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Article: What is Dispatch’s relationship with Han So-hee?

One. [+155, -1]
And I'm curious as to why the article was written so well, and why those photos look like concept photos… I mainly use photos taken with my cell phone, and they created a lot of buzz in the community, and I even made a mosaic of them. Faces around. They're so dedicated haha
2. [+143, -2]
Shouldn’t this be spread to the media?
three. [+107, -1]
Well… it's at the level of deceiving the general public… hahaha Look at how hard he is trying to make a pitiful expression hahaha So I stopped smiling and told him to take a picture and he said “Here.” The image is coming~cut!” ??? LOL I'm so embarrassed.
4. [+102, -1]
When was the Dispatch coffee truck delivered? interesting
5. [+86, -1]
It felt like something was fishy, ​​Dispatch never acted so kindly and the photos were so quick that it seemed obvious they were trying to deceive the public + mosaic face + writing negative articles about Hyeri, etc. This is very unpleasant.
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