[PANN] Lisa is confirmed to make her American drama debut

“She will appear in season 3 of HBO’s White Lotus under the name Lalisa Manobal.
His role, like that of all the other actors, has not been revealed.
‘White Lotus’ will begin filming in February and will focus on Koh Samui, Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand.”

This is a very successful drama, it won 10 Emmy Awards in 2022 and the ratings were quite high.
It’s a comedic drama, so it seems to fit Lisa’s character perfectly.

Season 1 was filmed in Hawaii, Season 2 was filmed in Italy, and Season 3 was filmed in Phuket and Bangkok.

It’s a drama about the story that happens in a super luxury hotel…

I really want to see actress Lisaㅠㅠㅠ.

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Source: Pann / Translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Lisa is confirmed to make her American drama debut.

1. [+75, -52]
Why are we always talking about this Thai girl here? Who cares what she does?

2. [+60, -8]
Singers have a certain lifespan, so it’s hard to do it for a long time, but it’s not bad to switch to acting in Hollywood like this and settle down and release a song every now and then… I’m looking forward to Lisa. interim

3. [+49, -15]
I looked up this drama and it’s daebak… Lisa is just posting big news one after anotherㅋㅋㅋ It’s great how she never gives spoilers and surprises fans with confirmed big news like thatㅋ The same goes for her Celine show. I feel like she probably did a good job preparing for her acting debut tooㅋㅋ.

4. [+49, -6]
So this season was filmed in Thailand? So there was a reason to choose Lisaㅋㅋ.

5. [+40, -12]
Lisa looks incredibly pretty in her HBO profile photo
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