Ador was praised for balancing New Jeans’ schedule with plenty of sleep

Article: With three young children in New Jeans … their discretion is very strict in keeping their sleep time

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+245] I’m glad they manage things like this. The idols have long careers now, and I hope that they are looking after their health so that they can stay with us for a long, long time.

[+57] It is a big issue in our country, that our officials are very proud of the hard work of their idols under these strong orders. If anything, agencies like New Jeans’ consider the health of their idols to be proud of.

[+42] So what time do they sleep

[+33] Min CEO-nim is great

[+16] It is good for the good of their health that they can all take care of sleeping times, meal times, etc.

[+12] We need to move on from the generation that used to work with idols like animals, contract renewal is something to consider for these agencies~

[+11] Adequate sleep is good for long growth and all…

[+6] Eat well, sleep well, and grow healthy, girl

[+3] As if the cast wasn’t perfect enough, even in their own right they’re doing all the right things… you just can’t hate this group…

[+1] ?

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