Kim Sae Ron was supposed to be working at a café because of the financial burden caused by her drunk driving crash

1. [+2,068, -23] I’m not interested in what she’s up to and don’t want to know.

2. [+1,702, -23] So what… everyone her age does it?

3. [+1,383, -30] How bad was her spending that she spent all of her money in just a few months off work? And what about part-time job as a media play? ㅋㅋ Ridiculous… don’t attempt to create a foundation for others to sympathize with you.

4. [+540, -14] I don’t think so.

5. [+456, -12] Never be concerned with celebrities.

6. [+189, -1] What financial burden has she been under while driving Range Rovers, Bentleys, and a variety of other vehicles?

7. [+182, -0] Why does she drive a Range Rover and a Bentley when she is in such financial trouble? Enough with the media games.

8. [+103, -0] By “financial troubles,” she implies that she won’t be able to spend lavishly on luxury items for the time being.

9. [+78, -2] She’s been an actress for almost 20 years, yet it just took one mishap for all of her money to vanish? She is well-known enough to get a reasonable fee every CF, with a minimum of 200 million won and a maximum of 4-500 million won. Her Namu Wiki page mentions 10 CF deals, 14 movies, and 20 dramas. The automobile she was driving when she caused the accident is worth 140 million won. I understand she’s definitely a huge spender, but I highly doubt she’s in financial trouble right now.

10.  [+70, -1] I do not believe in. All of this is a ruse to generate compassion so she may return to the television. She attempted murder and should be permanently barred from the industry as a result. Allow her to vanish on her own.

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