[THEQOO] Ryu Jun-yeol finally opened his mouth… "I was dating Han So-hee, but we are in a relationship after we broke up."

hello. This is C-JeS research.
Yesterday, a speculative article about Ryu Jun-yeol's private life was published based on witness statements in Hawaii. We would like to inform you of the fact.
Ryu Jun-yeol and Han So-hee have been dating since early this year after confirming that they have positive feelings for each other. Ryu Jun-yeol recently met Han So-hee after breaking up and confirmed his feelings.
We ask that you respect the actor's privacy rather than officially confirming the unauthorized filming and witness statements at the travel destination. However, due to the two people not acknowledging their relationship, unnecessary misunderstandings and speculations are spreading yesterday and today, and the actor's personality rights are being seriously violated, so I would like to ask again.

Going forward, our company will not take any position on any requests for disclosure or verification of private life in order to protect the actor's personality rights. Please understand.
In addition, we plan to take strong action through legal representation against malicious slander and insulting posts directed at actors, defamation based on false facts, insults, and violations of personal rights.
thank you

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen

Ryu Jun-yeol finally opens his mouth… “Dating Han So-hee, dating after breaking up”
2. Start suing now
3. It's such a pity… I feel at ease if I work up my strength and get sued. Although the person may want to say it directly, it is better to receive official notice from the company.
4. Ryu Jun-yeol is also a victim, so I hope he sues diligently.

5. You’re finally suing, I support you.
6. Kill these crazy bastards and sue them.

7. Find your strength

8. What is happening? please find strength

9. Junyeol ???? Sohee be happy

10. Try to sue
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