Taste of Home selected Korean Fried Chicken as the ‘Best Fast Food Wing Restaurant.’

article: Barbecue chicken surpassed KFC in the U.S. taste test.

source: Herald Economy via Naver

[+829, -82] We are serious about chicken lol Honestly, I think almost all Koreans could be first if they put their minds to it lol.

[+709, -22] I'll admit it's really delicious, it's just expensive.

[+256, -13] BBQ's true competitors are not KFC but other domestic fried chicken brands.

[+16, -1] But the BBQ is really delicious ????

[+12, -0] Barbecue fried food is the best!!! But it’s too expensive~~~

[+10, -1] BQ's golden olive oil chicken should be patented. With that menu, they could become the next McDonald's.

[+9, -1] They actually have best friends chickens

[+5, -0] Oh, I think the price will go up even more if I do this.

[+4, -0] I don't know if BBQ localizes their recipes for the US, but all the franchises in Korea are too salty compared to what I'm used to.

[+3, -0] If you try all the chicken from overseas, you will realize how crispy Korean chicken is and how delicious our seasoning is. Or maybe it's because I'm Korean.

[+5, -3] Korean chicken is always worth it. I never once felt like I wasted my money on it. If you are dissatisfied with the price, try ordering fried chicken from overseas and you will be surprised.

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