Jaejoong warns against sasaeng taxis bothering him

Article: Kim Jaejoong speaks about being abused by sasaeng taxis “I hope you will be punished and sentenced to prison”

Source: Korean Games by Nate

[+38, -2] Isn't it time for these people to just grow old? Let him go and focus on your own lives.

[+30, -2] But…? What happened to you? Shouldn't his fans be old enough to know better by now?

[+20, -1] I never understood sasaengs even back in the days of 5VXQ, and they act like this today? Wow.. The least they can do is make sure he doesn't get hurt in any of these things, you can imagine the fear he must feel running into their taxi on the streets ? It's really sad that you follow the driver guide from sasaengs…

[+11, -2] Almost 40, I feel like I'm the only one getting old

[+2, -0] Does he still have sasaengs???? What a mental illness… aren't her fans at an age where they should be married to husbands by now? What is the average age of his sasaengs? Goose…

[+2, -0] I remember his sasaeng was really bad in his Hero Jaejoong days…

[+1, -0] Sasaengs are problematic but so are the sasaeng taxi companies who are making money from it…

[+1, -0] Do these sasaengs go away after seeing him suffering from their actions? That's a mental illness, not a happy one

[+1, -0] It's strange to me that TVXQ sasaengs are still around in this day and age;;

Source: Naver

[+133, -2] A true fan would not do this. Just a psychopath. I feel bad for celebrities when it comes to dealing with things like this.

[+28, -1] If you have too much time on your hands, you should go volunteer for a charity or something

[+21, -0] The strange thing is that sasaengs are still labeled as 'lovers,' they should be punished as they are, stalkers

[+12, -1] From the beginning until now, how many years is that… stalking someone for 20 years, how is that different from murder? It is probably one of the worst crimes in the world.

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