EXO’s Suho has expressed his displeasure with the controversy over his music skills


Article: EXO‘s Suho, “I’m ridiculed for small mistakes”… expresses feelings on his ‘artistic debate’ for his music.

Source: The Joongang via Naver

[+861, -15] If you got an opportunity because of your name alone, then something that comes with the territory is luck. Do you think people are just mean to you?? Well, you can’t expect to be the same as someone who started from the ground up in that business and achieved the same level as yourself. The only way to silence the critics is with skill. Even if you got this job through SM connections, no one will say a word if you show irreplaceable, incomparable skills on stage.

[+689, -4] These concerts cost 160,000 won or more per ticket. The audience goes in expecting a situation that matches or exceeds the price. What you are trying to say is that as a soccer player who has already been in the World Cup stage, you are saying that you are still building experience. gobs of money is your audience. Before complaining about the complaints you are receiving, you should feel sorry and thoughtful, and need to improve. You are the fan for the purpose of the members of the audience who adhere to the same loyalty and love as the members of your fandom.

[+266, -3] Practically speaking, you shouldn’t be in a musical if your skills aren’t up to it. That’s just common sense, right?

[+178, -5] I think this is different from him. He is the only one in a position where he can receive criticism because he reached this point under the light of the EXO name.

[+125, -6] I know music fans can be crazy sometimes… but he needs to learn to look at his own abilities. He is up against some big names for his character, such as Im Tae Kyung, Park Eun Tae, Kim Jun Su, etc.

[+74, -2] These tickets are too expensive for anyone to forgive your mistakes

[+62, -0] We must start by establishing the root of the matter, the music and the intention to cast popular idols in order to get ticket sales.

[+59, -1] So what does he have to say about music stars gaining experience by working their way up from the small ranks? The audience is paying their own money for these tickets and they have the right to criticize you if they want. You should be concerned about building your own skills before posting complaints like this… It looks like this step is too big for your skills.

[+55, -0] You are not a student there to be paid to learn… you are a professional who is being paid by others to give valuable time.

[+48, -1] With the price of music tickets available, the audience now expects top class players with the best skills for the stage. Go back to amateur mode if you think mistakes are acceptable anymore…

[+46, -0] You should take this time to feel sorry for all the music stars out there who will never be given this chance even if they don’t do anything wrong on stage~ If very difficult for you, get out of the situation ~

[+32, -1] I wish idols would stay away from music and acting. I can’t imagine how bad it must feel for people who have spent their lives studying and learning in the field.

[+28, -0] I feel bad for him on a human level but he should know that he is only paid for his popularity. Not only can you expect good but nothing bad. The louder your audience shouts for you, the deeper the arrows will cut. It’s just the way the world works.

[+27, -0] I’ll be honest, an off-key musician really ruins the immersion… and it’s not like these tickets are cheap or

[+26, -2] I’m sorry but I couldn’t listen to him because I felt ashamed and bad for him. I know it’s hard to get criticism like that and maybe it hurts the soul but you have to understand where the criticism is coming from and work on giving it a better place. Don’t try to copy others.. ^^;;

[+26, -2] People pay to watch the full. No one pays to see mistakes. Do you think you are good because people around you say you are? It will be chosen by the audience. The situation is a place where you can do 10 good times but the one time you didn’t realize your worth. Don’t think of it as something too simple.

[+23, -0] What you think is a small mistake is a big mistake to the audience. Instead of asking people to stop complaining, you should work on improving yourself so that no one will say a word. I know you can do it if you put in the work. Find strength.

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