Son Naeun won’t join A Pink for their next CB!

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Son Naeun won’t join A Pink for their next CB!

1. [+462] I realized this would occur.. ㅠ it’s hard to match advancement plans when you’re under an alternate organization

2. [+132] Perhaps she can’t because she’s occupied with her theatrics shooting.

3. [+92] I simply trust this doesn’t influence the other A Pink individuals contrarily.. ㅠ

4. [+71] Why are individuals hating…? Possibly she needs to advance with A Pink however YG is the one impeding her? I generally felt bad about her moving there… 🤔

5. [+58] YG sure should pay her a great deal

6. [+48] As a Panda, I was truly anticipating this next advancement.. however, dislike the girls’ merit any of this. They’re helpless before their organizations ㅠ I simply miss Naeun a great deal

7. [+53] A portion of the remarks are making it sound like Son Naeun is willfully quitting the promos~ I comprehend that individuals are vexed because this rebound has been deferred for a year yet it’s uncalled for to leave scornful remarks as though she would rather not participate. She has discussed the rebound herself so I profoundly question she’s quitting deliberately.

8. [+6] She previously left A Pink’s organization, I question she needs anything to do with it any longer

9. [+3] She’s not so much as a decent entertainer… I simply trust she doesn’t influence different individuals with her choices…

10. [+5] Her acting… is still very awful. I truly want to believe that she improves as much as Jung Eunji!!

11. [+6] Well… assuming that is her decision, very little should be possible with regards to it

12. [+8] I suppose that is the reason she’s been so centered around her acting of late ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ


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