[THEQOO] Graduation photos of popular actors these days

Sohee Han

Go Yun-jeong

Jibon Kim

Kim Go-eun

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Source: Theku / translation: KpopNetizen
Article: Graduation photos of popular actresses these days.

1. It's not that Go Yoon-jeong's graduation photo isn't pretty, but it looks much better now.
2. Kim Go-eun and Kim Ji-won are the same as they are now.
3. Kim Ji-won and Kim Go-eun were always pretty.
4. Kim Go-eun is so refreshing
5. Honestly, both Kim Ji-won and Kim Go-eun are really cute.
6. So, Go Yun-jeong got her eyes done… Now she has noticeable double eyelids, but I don't think she had double eyelids in PST.
7. Is that… Go Yun-jeong…?
8. Go Yun-jeong seems so different.
9. Did Kim Go-eun take it yesterday?
10. Go Yoon-jeong’s graduation photo is pretty, but she looks like a completely different person.
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