Japanese netizens think, there are historical inaccuracies involved Pachinko

1. They don’t know any history at all… this is why it is so embarrassing for your country!

2. This drama should have been uploaded to Netflix so that everyone can enjoy it.

3. This is what happens when history is studied through distorted Japanese textbooks.

4. This is because the Japanese teach their history using distorted textbooks. They brainwash their children into believing that even Dokdo belongs to them.

5. It is possible to ignore the truth or deny it, but what you will get back is international embarrassment. Japan must learn that.

6. Japan’s goal is to show that you can’t hide your sky with your palm.

7. It’s fine for them to publish textbooks with historical inaccuracies, but we cannot produce dramas that are historically correct. This is a proud country.

8. The Japanese have never learned any real history. They only know fake it. Their claims that they have never invaded the United States are laughed at by the whole world.

9. The Japanese have tried to conceal the truth for years. They claim they have never invaded our country and that we asked to merge with them.

10. They choose to defy history and tell a false story despite overwhelming evidence. Such a country has no future.


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