STAYC’s Shieun nearly falls in poorly fitting shoes

1. Not only is the heel extremely high, but the width isn’t enough for her. Could her coordi help her be more efficient?

2. Do my group’s bias associates change to STAYC? I am an avid BTS enthusiast. What is it that makes their coordis both so bad with getting the sizes of the shoes just right. Health and fitness is a top priority for the stars, stylists must realize that they aren’t in danger of falling in this manner. Make sure you are wearing the right size. And stop making excuses about how you must work with the amount of sponsorship you receive.

Absolutely agree. It’s impossible to just put someone in expensive heels for a shoe that does not fit. And when people complain, stylists will always as if these shoes have been sponsored wah wah, and we aren’t able to access sizes.

3. It doesn’t seem like the perfect size for her?

4. The shoes don’t look right in any way, so what’s her co-ordi doing?

5. Did she wear an individual or is it her own clothing?

6. I suspect that the shoes might be sponsored by a company and she was compelled to wear them, even if they weren’t her size.

7. Wow my ankles hurt taking a look at her pictures

8. This kind of behavior makes me angry. The idols who perform on the stage to earn their livelihood, so what would they do when she injured her ankle? If you’re planning to let her wear heels like these ensure that you’re wearing the correct dimension…

9. I can’t help but think about how beautiful she is even

10. If the shoes clearly don’t look in this way. It’s possible that the coordi placed on hold for another order, so they took whatever they could from an area market. It’s a pity for all. Shieun, her coordi staff. Sucks for everyone.


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