After school Jooyeon and Lizzy up with updates

Article: Lee Jooyeon 'something strange'

Source: Mydaily via Nate

[+31, -2] He's like Dex..

[+21, -2] Just like normal parenting

[+17, -0] Looks like he did something to his eyelids..

[+9, -0] Something was done in an attempt to look younger

[+4, -0] The hair doesn't match her

[+1, -0] Youth is everything

[+1, -0] Well, it's getting older

[+1, -0] There's something about him that doesn't seem right

[+1, -0] She used to be so beautiful, you really can't stop the age of time

Article: After school Lizzy, don't know … old vibes

Source: News 1 by Nate

[+27, -1] Please treat me like Nana unni

[+22, -0] I will never forget his drunk driving ㅜㅜ

[+22, -0] No, but really, who is that..

[+17, -0] He was very good in the limelight until his drunk driving.

[+8, -0] Empty brain

[+3, -0] It is a shameless crime to drive drunk

[+2, -0] Just because you look different doesn't mean your drunk driving behavior will change

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