[PANN] Ahn Yu-jin is leading a very busy life these days.

He traveled to 4 countries in 7 days.
I went on a trip to Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) on Friday, February 16th.

02/17 (Sat) Kuala Lumpur World Tour Concert Performance.

02/18 (Sun) Meet and Greet

02/19 (Monday) Return home

I went to Milan Fashion Week on 02/20 (Tuesday)

I went to Milan Fashion Week on 02/21 (Wed)

I arrived in Singapore on the afternoon of 02/23 (Friday).

We had a meet and greet on the 23rd, and another concert on the 24th.

And I returned to Korea on the 25th.

MC: But Yoo Jin-ah, I have a question!

MC: When do you rest?

MC: Yes, when are you going to rest… Eugene?

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Article: Ahn Yu-jin is leading a very busy life these days.

One. [+37, -2]
If that's going to affect her performance, shouldn't the company take care of her…? It was sad to see her coughing as she put the mic down. Despite this, she is performing live courageously.

2. [+33, -2]
She's a woman who doesn't usually reveal that she's going through a difficult time, but if you ask her if she's in pain or not, she'll always answer that she's fine and that she's fine. She never revealed that she was sick.

three. [+28, -2]
She has been constantly busy since last year… Even before last year's fan concert, fans were already saying that her body would be torn apart due to her killer schedule… She has been incredibly busy since October, and if you compare this schedule with the 2019 schedule, last year's 3 ~April was pretty good.

4. [+24, -2]
I saw this on Instagram and it seems like you really need to take care of your health.

5. [+22, 0]
Eugene realized that her fans were worried about her and asked her fans not to worry, with the intention of working healthy and happily. And she came into the bubble today and said she was eating well and sleeping well.
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