New Jeans' Minji sends apology after year of hating kalguksu

Article: New Jeans' Minji was hated all year for asking “What is kalguksu??” the letter of apology is finally sent

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+345] It's not that he doesn't know what the kalguksu of that subject is but the way he said it.

– [+17] And so he apologized about his attitude ㅋㅋㅋㅋ what else do you want at this point?

– [+17] Yeah, no one would think about it if he just laughed and moved on but something about his personality came out perfectly in his voice ㅜㅜ I understand that it's hard for celebrities to tie up their earnings in their image but if we watch our words, the same goes for famous people

[+204] He wasn't angry because he didn't know what kalguksu was, he was angry because of his attitude when he clarified.

[+154] Haters have nothing to hate so this is what they hate now?

[+74] I have to admit, his voice scared me a little…

[+88] Is this apology really worth it…?

[+51] The anger is not about the kalguksu, but about his attitude and voice during his relationship with his fans. He was really against it, like “Think about it, man,” to the point where I felt uncomfortable. I think it was hard for him to control his emotions at that time because there was definitely a better way to handle it than the way he did…but that's how we all grow. eat and learn, right?

[+11] The journalists in this country feel that they are struggling in their own way, that they should share their troubles with others… I think this is emigrants do not return. They know you will be angry here for whatever you do.

[+33] No need to apologize, Minji sighed, finding strength

[+11] Minji is so kind ㅜㅜ no need to apologize ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

[+3] So what if he gets angry? I saw the clip and it's not a big deal, especially not much of an apology. This is the reason why famous people get so much trouble…

[+3] It's amazing how all idols don't have mental illness… this is not a problem to apologize for…ㅜ

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

[+98] Some of you need to learn to read. He's not posting an apology on saying he never got kalguksu, he's posting an apology for his voice and attitude to his fans in his life;;; In fact, he treated his fans with attitude and criticized him, and now he apologizes because it should end. Why drag up an off topic like “omg how can haters hate him for not knowing kalguksu,” like you on purpose do not understand what the issue is?

BF: Honey, should you eat gamjatang?
GF: What is gamjatang?
BF: Don't you know gamjatang? How could you not know that?
GF: Do you really think I don't know gamjatang? Think TWICE before asking
BF: I mean.. you said you don't know..
GF: Well, I said I don't know because I don't know
BF: But.. you didn't say you knew what;
GF: You don't know how many types of gamjatang there are, how do you know the one thing
are they in all different genres?!
BF: …….

[+85] Boy, hate is not kalguksu… but he handled the situation badly; He gave personality to his fans. Please look at what you are shielding before placing your shield anywhere.

[+80] For people out of the loop, he doesn't apologize for not knowing what kalguksu is… he's talking to his fans as he says and when fans say “how can you didn't try?” He was all angry and was like, “You really think I don't know kalguksu?” and it looks like he will fight with them, this is the part he is apologizing for.

[+70] Is an apology really worth it? Especially when idols have been caught smoking in the house and never said a word?

[+48] Yes, I agree that the haters found his issue about kalguk inappropriate, but he should be criticized for his voice and attitude towards his fans on a public level. He acted as if he was superior to them.

[+51] Damn strawberry… now kalguksu… the media can't leave the '04 line up

[+50] It's a bit loud but nothing to post an apology on… but then again, you know the netizens are going to drag this out forever what else is possible so he did ㅠ too hard for these idols…

[+57] Man, if I were him, I'd say anything after seeing people go on for months and months on a kalguksu thing I'd say just shut them up ㅠ

[+29] Now you Minji haters are happy~~~ you got that apology letter you really wanted, right? He may be a public figure but he's still young and you just have to find something to pull yourself up and keep going, you're a loser

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