Netizens mad over incel boasting related to stealing subway seating right from woman that is pregnant

1. [+143] This’s a person who has never ever once been offered something considerate by anybody within their life.. and I feel no need to go out of a hate comment for them since their living probably appears to be in hell

2. [+120] Males just like him will always be the very first to run as well as cry whether a bulky male came up to them and warned them to f*ck off

3. [+82] I have a good memory of when I was full term, I was moving way too slow getting off of the bus on time ㅜㅜ as well as the bus up and running just before I’d also fallen off but an individual kindly got hold of me.. I cannot think of what would’ve occurred to the baby of mine in case I’d simply fallen..

4. [+80] If he is very happy with himself, maybe he has to publish the face of his and the full name of his the next time too..

5. [+60] His mother and father are at fault for this particular. Should have known to beat the bad out of him.

6. [+13] Men that act this way are essentially doubting their own life. Whose body does he feel he came into this world out of?

7. [+16] If you are able bodied, would it harm you to simply stand for just one ride?

8. [+12] Sigh, his mother and father did not teach him, tsk tsk

9. [+4] There are plenty of individuals walking amongst us in society that do not understand what psychopaths they are..

10. [+1] How dare you do anything this way with a currently pregnant female right before you? If this particular male actually gets married, I think very sorry for his potential wife.. can you think about learning your husband has a past this way?

11. [+1] Our individuals are recognized to be very considerate but individuals including him ruin it for us…

12. [+7] The larger issue is you can get more men this way than we would like to believe


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