People are stunned with Jungkook’s ‘Stay Alive’

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“Stay Alive (Prod. BTS’ SUGA)”, which was sung by Jungkook was released.

Video for promotion

The complete music version

1. Wow, that track is just so great.

2. I really like it. Jungkook-ah

3. Jungkook’s voice sounds so great The song is great

4. It’s heaven!

5. I absolutely love this song.

6. I love the track, Jungkook’s voice is amazing.

7. The voice of Jungkook is incredible. Suga’s music is fantastic.

8. I really love this song I can’t stop listening to it.

9. The song is fantastic. Jungkook’s voice is amazing. I believe this song is difficult to sing, but Jungkook is really talented.

10. Min Yoongi is an absolute genius. Every when I hear the voice of Jungkook I’m like in heaven.

11. Min Yoongi needs to continue to sing throughout his life. I am in love with Jungkook’s voice.

12. Jungkook’s voice is insane. I believe the combination of Suga and Jungkook’s voices is amazing.


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