Idols who have become ‘luxury ambassadors’ have influenced a negative perception of shopping among young people.

Article: “Even middle schoolers have Dior wallets below” Expensive idol ambassadors do nothing more than break their parents’ backs.

Source: Segye Ilbo via Nate

[+307, -6] Search hard when you’re shopping for luxury brands. And leave your parents’ blood drying~ in case you end up carrying something more than a black plastic bag later in life.

[+264, -15] What do you get from copying celebrities?

[+232, -7] Just naming their CF models, this whole “ambassador” thing is so creepy, tsk tsk

[+29, -0] These idols have ruined everything. Stop hiring them as expensive models!

[+28, -0] I am so sick of how seriously this country treats our celebrities like royalty.

[+22, -0] It is very difficult to raise children in our society. The second you are born, your money is not yours. It’s not your child’s money either. Foreigners’ money.

[+18, -0] All this bad stuff by the embassy is just another marketing ploy. Too many foolish people have fallen for it. Do you really think that working for months is just enough to get a bag to raise your grade or something?

[+10, -1] Dior?!?!?!?! Even I can’t stand Dior.. ㅋㅋ I feel sorry for parents these days

[+7, -2] It’s up to parents to correct their children… but if you’re bending to their wishes and buying them expensive things to put on your own back, then you are leading your child down a path of the same misery!

[+7, -0] Honestly, if you love luxury brands, you should be able to afford it yourself. Leave your parents alone.

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