YG refuse claims of a romantic relationship between Rose and Kang Dong Won

[+417] When YG answers with “they can’t confirm,” it typically suggests they agree with the controversy. They constantly said that when it came to GD’s controversies.

– [+2] They responded again, explaining that it is a denial.

[+345] My first thought is that a 16-year difference isn’t too horrible until I learn Rose started middle school while Kang Dong Won was in his forties.

[+200] If this is true, I like both of them and wish them happiness.

[+132] Dongwon is not one of them.

[+100] Same jewelry design.. sat next to each other at a gathering. That alone does not convince me that they are dating. If all that counted as proof, you could hook up any two random strangers.

[+99] Please, Dong Won oppa, set a date. I’m grateful for any dating news.

[+31] Kang Dong Won could definitely seduce a woman 30 years his junior if he wanted to. 16 years isn’t even a long time.

[+23] Oh, they’re a perfect fit.

[+18] They go good together. As long as they’re both content

[+14] I suppose only someone of Rose’s caliber could possibly date Dong Won-nim…

[+10] Kang Dong Won… in a dating rumor…

[+257] Wow… they must have met through Saint Laurent. And if it’s someone like Kang Dong Won, I don’t mind the age difference.

[+75] Kang Dong Won has finally started dating…?

[+64] I support them whether they’re dating or simply buddies!!

[+27] What difference does age make? huh?? When it comes to Kang Dong Won… Seo Taiji married someone 16 years his junior.

[+23] Rose tuna, let’s go

[+11] Does age really matter when it’s Kang Dong Won?


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