Junho and Yoona’s ‘King the Land’ reaches 10% viewership rating

Article: ‘King the Land’ Lee Junho and Im Yoona started dating with ‘umbrella hug’… viewership reached 10%.

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+64] I couldn’t stand his childhood..

[+19] It was so confusing, I couldn’t finish it.. it didn’t fit

[+14] The actors are very good in their performances but the .. script … ? I feel like Yoona chose the wrong story and … Junho could have chosen a better follow-up story in his last hit … It feels. like the story depends entirely on the talent of the actors to pull it off… unless there’s a twist in the middle to pick up the pace?

[+9] I think it’s cool. Romcoms aren’t good by any means, but that’s what makes them fun.

[+8] The news is very bad

[+7] It made him happier. A feel-good healing romcom for sure ^^

[+6] I’m looking to stare into their faces

[+3] It’s a bit late

[+3] The drama reminds me of the comics of yesteryear…

[+2] I still need a modern romance from Deokim and Sanyi ㅜㅜ

[+1] It finally started to pop up in the fourth quarter. It was so disappointing in the beginning ㅠ ??

[+1] Sadness is where I go ? I love Junho!

[+1] So sad but can’t stop watching ??

[+-] Glad to hear that romcom lovers like me get 10% of viewership ratings ?

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