Other allegations were filed against Fifty Fifty PD Ahn Sung Il

Article: Suspects are called “Ahn Sung Il created the signatures of the Cupid composers… even the saints’ points in the texts in the copyright”

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+408] It looks like they are trying to cosplay the members as victims now… You guys are hopeless. Just go get a part time job like everyone else and live your whole life in your mind.

[+349] These kids are so straight… Even their CEO is fed up with them ㅋㅋ

[+191] They could have been BTS girls but they threw it in the pit

[+184] Swedish composers should file a lawsuit and make sure they get paid while Ahn Sung Il goes to jail

[+161] If this is true.. wow… daebak

[+72] He’s just a bad guy that stupid kids and their parents follow… ?

[+65] He needs to be kicked out of this business for good

[+57] The only thing left for all of them was to disappear from the business after paying back all the debts they had taken, but now it seems that the scam is getting worse ?

[+41] Is there an endless filler on this guy’s adventures? It just keeps on coming

[+39] I really commend the members in their eyes for seeing the possibilities… to trust a man like this and kick their own luck out the window. It’s over for you girls.

[+33] What’s amazing is this guy… how did he accept the CEO that he thought he could get away with all this? He really tried to get rid of them.

[+25] Their song ‘Cupid’ is a parody of John Mayer’s ‘New Light’. This is what happens when you invest money to manage a virtual business.

[+24] This is exactly what entertainment is all about…it’s full of thugs like him

[+10] They would have denied all of this if it wasn’t true now, it must be true ㅋㅋㅋ what was there “to check” when he did it ㅋㅋ

[+8] There are two possible scenarios: the parents of the members secretly planned all this with Ahn Sung Il or Ahn Sung Il brought it all to life.

[+7] This guy literally wiped an entire K-Pop group out of the business

[+2] I’m sick of their news but there’s something new every day ㅋ amazing

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