Soyeon reveals how much she spent on (G) I-DLE's music video

Article: (G)I-DLE has two years left on his contracts, it does not appear that he will renew on Friday

Source: Winterzzal via Instagram

In “Knowing Bros,” Soyeon revealed that the group had two years left on their contracts, and also dropped some of the big money they spent on music videos, of which the members revealed that they had no idea how much 1.1 billion won was being spent on salary.

[+316] In the idol group, I have always taken the view that the distribution of income is the most important part of harmony. It feels like we are looking at the end of this group.

[+207] This is honestly a bad thing to do

[+169] I think we're all already aware that Soyeon is on the show and the other members are back up there… why are we now wondering what the sole decision maker is? I'm sure even their fans knew and just kept quiet

[+146] Honestly, Soyeon rides on the coattails of the other beauty members, and the other members ride on the coattails of Soyeon's artistic skills, so they all need each other to succeed as a group… but it seems unfair for her. spend so much time on music videos as the sole decision maker

[+57] Either way, the sum will come when they have paid the fee and the expense list has been checked. I don't like to change anything. Although it seems strange that he would want to keep this kind of information to himself all this time.

[+45] I totally doubt that she has billions and billions of earnings to work with, I'm sure I told other members that she's going to make 1.1 billion in music videos.

[+18] Other idol groups also pay for their own expenses, why do people make it sound like it's just empty? Do you think other companies have permission from their groups to spend every little money? Are they asking for production of every song? Can you imagine all the permissions needed for music videos, concept images, and album productions? All just association is made with understanding.

[+16] I remember he said earlier on TV that he spent TWICE as much as expected for 'Tomboy', but no one cared then why is he up in arms now?

[+9] I'm sure they'll change their ways now

[+4] The other members should be grateful for whatever Soyeon does because without her, they'll end up like other D-album groups like CLC, Lightsum. If you don't like the way she spends your money, get out solo like Soojin

[+6] Come on guys, you seriously can't believe that they really didn't know? ㅠㅠ

[+0] Other girl groups will have similar weights in their music, you guys don't expect their groups to get consent from the members for every small investment, do you?

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