Aloners Association is the name of Big Hit’s new boy group?

1. I’m truly sorry, but the name is a bit sour.

2. Like a battery’s Name…

3. Isn’t the name of their group a reference to a an individual loser or some other word to be used in English..

4. Please put an end to… Big Hit’s been in the red ever since the TXT..

5. There’s a participant in this group who is under scrutiny as well; and one of them composed an anthem about killing the body of a woman.

6. What’s the name.. similar to What is this name? It seems like Hybe has used up all of their resources using TXT

7. Since Le Sseratim to this, it’s as if they held an all-company contest to see who could create the most sexist names.

8. Ugh, it’s so sour… Big Hit had a lot of luck in TXT

9. What is the reason for Hybe becoming worse with their names?

10. Hybe Why do you list your idols as that… Stop messing with these kids.

11. Be sure to take the time to thoroughly research the history of each member prior to revealing them…

12. I’m unable to read the word… it’s a shame. At the very minimum TXT is simple sufficient to comprehend in English Tomorrow by Together However, the pronunciation is too difficult.. It’s a kkkk Yuyuyuyu

13. Hybe thinks that giving their groups bizarre names could make them world-renowned like BTS or something? You


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