Lee Dong Gun makes a small screen appearance with ‘Celebrity’

Article: Lee Dong Gun returns with ‘Famous’ 3 years after breakup

Source: Knowledge through Instagram

[+272] And which of his three new friends will he hit next
– [+18] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I thought so too
– [+6] Who do you think he is? Obviously there are three

[+260] He ruined Jo Yun Hee’s life

[+63] I won’t watch this drama, she’d rather go on a different divorce show ㅋ

[+52] Sick… He must have a lower income

[+29] Another drama, another scandal… when will this guy happen…

[+24] Please stop making insults and stereotypes now ?

[+23] How did Jo Yun Hee end up with a cheater like her, and get pregnant so quickly… I feel bad for her, though his son is very nice.

[+22] Well this is a mistake, I can’t stand him

[+16] It’s not good anymore ?

[+15] Please just stick to talking about the story. Why bring up the past? Who really cares about his divorce..

[+13] His work as an actor at the moment is like the supply without the demand of the customers…

[+12] But who is his next girlfriend…

[+12] It looks like there is no money ?

[+7] He gives a very different presentation now…

[+4] It’s so old now ?

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