[INSTIZ] Reseraphim Heo Yunjin's Instagram and Weverse are scared

– How can we change the idol industry when we can’t even boycott?

– Yunjin, please study.
– Honestly, I like it, but please boycott it and educate me.
– Boycott that woman… Honestly, your sister also donated to Gaza.
– Educate yourself and stop consuming and boycott these brands. We've been saying this for months now. You can buy different brands of coffee.
– I will skip Yunjin and Le Seraphim because they are supporting the Gaza massacre while drinking Starbucks drinks. Please apologize and educate yourself.
– Jen, I love you, but please educate yourself and boycott.
– As I said before, this is the second time I've been caught drinking at Starbucks. To be honest, I don't really care.
Source: Instiz / translation: KpopNetizen

Article: Le Seraphim Yunjin Heo Instagram and Weverse are being terrorized.
1. Those who go crazy over a cup of coffee and disparage our country’s history^^ Fuck selective education.

2. Also, what is the problem?

3. Oh, that's just my bias too hahaha my head hurts.

4. Them and their education lol.

5. And now what…

6. Sigh

7. Instead of wasting time hating, why not go to the battlefield and serve? Social network?

8. I don’t understand why Korean Starbucks is causing a stir all over the world ^^

9. I’m going to have another cup of Starbucks today.

10. They haven't overcome this problem yet…
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