BB Girls’ Yoojung and actor Lee Kyu Han have denied dating

Article: There are rumors of dating between BBGirls Yoojung and Lee Kyu Han, who is 10 years old.

Source: Insights via Instagram + Wikitree

[+116] Isn’t he on a show before talking about how he found the woman he wants to marry and also introduce himself to the audience?? Did they break up.. I thought they were still together this whole time
– [+68] I think you can keep quiet about this
– [+45] Well, it’s clear that the two are currently dating after their divorce. This is an imaginary way of revealing his past.
– [+5] I also wanted to know so I looked it up and he showed her back in 2019. They had been dating for over 10 years at that time.

[+43] It looks the same.. grats grats grats

[+34] I won’t waste my time worrying about celebrities

[+25] He is famous for beating up everyone and not being responsible for any of them.

[+24] Lee Kyu Han famous for beating up women in nightclubs…he even made fun of my friend

[+16] Lee Kyu Han-nim is very scared ?

[+14] Huh?!?!?! This is so unexpected ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+9] Thanks if that’s right

[+3] Stop being mad, just support them ?? They are old enough to handle themselves ???

[+2] Their first dates alone are 20 years apart

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